You must have observed that there are so called play schools in every street nowadays and everyone has a good number of kids on their campus. While, if we come to a conclusion then there must be many reasons for this. Few of them may be nuclear families, working parents, high level of competition and so on. Today every parent wants the best schooling for their child. And the best play schools in Gurgaon is KIIT World School Junior with the best staff, amenities and the best environment for your child. Parents are telling KIIT World School Junior as the Best Play School In Gurgaon because their kid is experiencing new things daily and also learning various things. Also Give your child the Best Start of Schooling.

Existence Of Play Schools

1. Nuclear Family 

A nuclear family is the one that has no old person who can share their experience with the young parents and help them in the upbringing of the toddler. This forces parents to go on their instincts of handling situations as and when they come, often succumbing to unreasonable demands of the child. 

2. Working parents 

Now, a nuclear family in which both the parents are working is the deadly combination, when it comes to taking care of a toddler. The time which a child deserved to get from the parents got compromised. And the result is a highly demanding child who always wants toys, chocolates and nowadays mobile phones too. Such a kid exhibits a high level of tantrums. These kids miss out the important lessons of life when they grow up. Play school plays the best role for working parents.

3. Untrained domestic help 

Finding a trained nanny is very hard to find and if you got any the cost involved is not everyone’s cup of tea. Untrained nannies do not have a good record and have been found to ill-treat the kids on many occasions. The kids then have a fear of them. Kids gets scare and did not even cry or tell their parents about it. 

4. Hardly any space for the child to play in modern home designs 

The increasing crowd in cities and the proportionately decreasing sizes of the living areas has now become an accepted truth. The kids have hardly any space to run around. It is important for a growing toddler who is full of energy. This makes the kid obese and cranky, some often some often have to be forced when it comes to feeding as they do not use up their energy.

5. High Tantrums of the Kid 

Nuclear families, working parents, untrained domestic help and hardly any space for the child to play in modern home designs have all in combination contributed to the extraordinary tantrums that the kids do. And this is a very common sight to see these days. It irritates the parents and they look for a play school. 

KIIT World School Junior have the following facilities:

  • Good infrastructure with visual effect which makes the child happy
  • Well ventilated classrooms
  • Various health friendly toys
  • Trained teachers who can handle the child with the best care 
  • A balance between academic and extracurricular activities 
  • Hygiene and cleanliness 

KIIT World School Junior was incepted after thorough research on the actual needs of the parents in terms of their toddlers. We have taken care of the child centric, teaching, playing area and a trained staff. 

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