Learning in a PreSchool

Learning In a Preschool – Preschool education is education provided during the early stages of childhood, beginning to infancy and ending with entry into primary school at the age of five, six, or seven (the age varying from country to country). The institutional arrangements for preschool education vary significantly across the globe, as do the names given to the institutions. Learning In a Preschool is a strong foundation for a Kid. KIIT is also the Best Day Care in Gurgaon in terms of Study and overall development of a kid.


 Preschools have recently gained traction in the educational system. It creates an environment in which children feel at ease and secure. Pre-schools pursue a class schedule that does not give the child the impression that he or she is planning to study in such a strict environment.

There is an abundance of pre-nursery schools in Gurgaon, and yet KIIT WORLD SCHOOL JUNIOR is the best. KIIT World School Junior is the ideal preschool in Gurgaon for residents of the Delhi NCR. Learning in a preschool like KIIT helps overall development of a kid.

Preschool Briefing

Preschool is all about discovery, from learning to take turns to count to ten. The preschool syllabus encompasses the entire range of lessons and content that your child will be taught during the course of preschool education.

Your child may exhibit a wide variety of

  • Academic;
  • Social;
  • Physical; and
  • Emotional lesson;

 Depending on the preschool you choose and the early childhood education philosophy it follows. Many preschools work on critical speech and fine motor skills in addition to academics and social skills. Learning In a Preschool is best for child to start schooling.

Teachers may also modify their teaching methods to meet the needs of specific students in their classroom. While not all preschools follow the same educational guidelines, they are all designed to prepare students for Kindergarten. This means that the most effective preschools focus on key skill areas such as math, science and literacy.

Curriculum for Preschool

The following are important preschool Curriculum concepts:

Calendar, including seasons, weekdays, and months of each year

  1. Shading

2. Cooperation

3. Cutting

4. Painting and drawing

5. Gluing\Hygiene\Letters

6. Listening\Nature\Numbers

7. Sprinting, trying to jump, fast-forwarding, jumping rope on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls are all examples of physical activity.

8. Shapes

9. Sharing

10. Object classification

11. Alternating turns

12. Whether transitioning from one action to another

13. Making up letters and numbers

You wouldn’t need to be worried about putting your child to KIIT World School Junior. We take care of the children by teaching and playing with a qualified manpower.

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