A preschool is the first place in a kid’s place where they are away from parental care and comfort. It is where kids learn to explore their senses, interact with peers, and start learning valuable life lessons. The problem occurs with the working parents, they start searching for the best nursery schools for their child. One of the best nursery schools in Gurgaon for your child is KIIT World School Junior. It has all the best amenities, professional staff and a friendly environment. There are a lot of Nursery Schools in Gurgaon but if we talk about the best for your child then it is KIIT World School Junior.

Preschool plays an important role in early childhood development and helps the child to build a strong foundation for the rest of their life. From developing a positive learning attitude to helping them in reading, writing and speaking. Nursery schools give your students a good start of a lifelong learning. The training that children receive in nursery schools becomes the foundation for their growth for the rest of their lives. Traditional nursery schools have teacher pupil ratio of 1:25 and have fix curriculum and structure. 

Some Activities that Nursery Schools Can Implement to Improve the Overall Learning. 

1. Teaching through playing activities 

Apart from toys, children should be given educational activity boxes to play with so that they can learn as well as play. These educational playing activities create new things in a child, find different ways of solving challenges, and learn their lessons by performing certain tasks. This form of unstructured play and learning is designed to enrich and stimulate young minds and perform child development. 

2. Teaching through an external environment 

Learning should not be only confined to the four walls of the classroom. Also for better learning we should link the learning to the real world. Some lessons like about animals, vegetables, fruits, colours and birds are best taught outside the school to cultivate curiosity and interest among children. 

3. Building EQ as important as IQ

Emotional Quotient is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions. According to a study, poor EQ results in depression, anxiety, aggression and poor academic performance. Therefore, when teachers give lessons on IQ they should equally focus on building IQ, as it allows children to manage emotions and improves educational outcomes by reducing anxiety and behavioural problems. 

4. DIYs for Kids 

From making paper boats to turning old bottles into toy cars, we give kids opportunity to unleash their creative skills.

Kids must have simple things so that they can convert them into useful things for their play items. DIYs are great to inspire kids that keep them engaged and assist in overall growth and development of these young learners. 

5. Role Play 

Role play can be one of the most effective and fun activities for the kids. It encourages learning, improves concentration and enhances imagination in kids. Kids are able to learn new skills and express feelings best during the role plays. Role play is the best way to teach kids about real life situations, several events and occupations too. 

It is very necessary for the child to go to nursery schools as it is the foundation base of their whole learning life. They also experience new things which can be helpful to them in future. 

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