Kindergarten is a preschool instructional approach that emphasizes play, singing, hands-on activities such as painting, and socialization as part of the transition from home to school. Because of the advancement of the educational system, there are many upcoming kindergartens.


KIIT GLOBAL SCHOOL JUNIOR is one of Delhi’s best Kindergartens.

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Characteristics of Kindergarten-Age Children


• With occasional reminders, your child will begin to manage classroom rules, routines, and transitions. -For example, when music is playing, your child may begin to clean up.

• Your child is capable of making sound health-related decisions. -For example, he or she may wash his or her hands before eating.

Physical domain

• Your child’s movement skills, such as jumping, running, and climbing, continue to improve.

• Your child can walk forward along a sandbox edge while keeping an eye on his or her feet and/or jump off a low step while landing on two feet.


• Your child is constantly learning new words and broadening his or her verbal vocabulary. When your child visits the farm, he or she may be able to name the cow, horse, chicken, pig, sheep, and goat and is becoming more descriptive.


• Your child can ask for and use a solution.

• Beginning to solve problems without having to exhaust all possible solutions.

• Your child is eager to learn and discuss a variety of topics, ideas, and tasks.

• Child is adaptable and creative in approaching tasks and activities.


• Your child demonstrates awareness of language sounds (e.g., rhyming, and hearing the beginning and ending sounds of words). Your child is learning to recognise sound patterns.

• Is learning to recognize a few letter sounds.

• Your child recognizes that signs and labels provide information.


• Your child can count to ten and count up to five objects to understand how many there are.

• Your child can combine and separate up to five objects and describe their components.

KIIT World Gurgaon is a trusted education institute; parents send their children to learn and give their children a head start in life.

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