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kiit world school junior

Our Initiatives

What we offer

Nurture Nature

We have created naturalized outdoors learning environment by adding trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges, perennial and flowering plants, climbers and edible plants which a child would love to nurture and play around. In addition every class has their own Nature-corner which they can design, experiment and explore the way they like. Best Day Care In Gurgaon to start with.

Fitness First

We believe that health is the only true wealth so inculcating right eating habits and an exercise regime at an early age is crucial. How you start your day, what, how much and when do you eat, how much time you spend in front of screen and in outdoor play, do you exercise your mind as well: our program ensures each child finds the right answer that is unique to him.

Roots to Wings

Our values and ethos are important to us but at the same time we want the world to be the canvas for our learners to play on. Our uniquely designed program connects them to their roots as they learn Indian Folk Arts, Dance forms, Music and amazing Panchtantra tales and collaborative activities with schools across the globe make them Global learners.


It is important that the learners from the very young age feel connected to their social milieu. Thinking and caring for someone makes a child a responsible individual. Sharing resources like old story- books and stationery with underprivileged, donating clothes and blankets to poor, initiating a plantation drive to do their bit for environment, make them empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. This is a child’s way to tell the world that, “iCare”.

After School Care

Our After School Care Program is designed to provide students enriching experiences