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Message from chairman

Shri B.R. Kamrah

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”

–      David Starr Jordan

It gives me an immense pleasure to bring forth a new chapter of KIIT World School, Junior, the fruit of labour, devotion and commitment. Young children are like saplings who need the right nurturing from the beginning. At KIIT, we believe in fostering the young minds with appropriate sunshine of intellect, continuous stream of fruitful learning and an air of high quality mentoring.

A school is where children are nurtured, reared and shaped in such a manner that their mental abilities are enhanced and aptitudes channelized. Their power of the senses and skills are developed and strengthened to make them well- rounded personalities. Therefore, the onerous task of moulding a child’s values, personality and attitude lies greatly on the shoulders of the school so that the children who pass out from the school are knowledgeable, confident and masters of their own destinies.


As India strides to take its rightful place in the new world order, our sincere effort should be to equip the young generation to keep abreast of the changing and challenging educational demands. This will enable them to exploit the vast opportunities, which are opening up in the globalized world.



I feel proud of the teaching and administrative staff of KIIT for rendering impeccable service in overall development of children. I am certain that the legacy of commitment will continue in KIIT World School, Junior to enable young minds to rise to the challenges of the times with élan and build an empowered India.


Message from CEO

Dr. Harsh Kamrah

“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.” ~ Mahatma Gandh

KIIT World School at Sohna Road, Junior has made a promising beginning by setting its own academic benchmark in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. This has been made possible with more than 50 years of experience of running quality schools and colleges in Delhi NCR by the management. Carefully selected teachers are oriented to the philosophy of the school, its quality consciousness and inclusiveness as well as in latest pedagogical practices within the social context.

Total transformation of the students into active, creative and confident personalities is being attempted to so that they develop into multidimensional and balanced personalities in terms of their cognitive abilities, linguistic skills and society oriented value patterns. In a short span of time the school has developed child friendly classrooms, learning studios, sports arena, performing arts infrastructure and different specialized zones. To make the teaching-learning process – both within and outside the classroom interactive, practice oriented and activity based.

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Message from Mentor

Dr. Neelima Kamrah

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning for he is born in another time.”
–Rabindra Nath Tagore
We are living in a dynamic and demanding world and the famous line makes a powerful argument as it speaks to the notion that we need transformation, not mere information. I believe that kids learn idiosyncratically so at KIIT, we follow developmentally appropriate practices that challenge an individual to learn and realize their true potential in every domain

Every child is born with a potent natural impulse to investigate his surroundings hence our learning environment inspires children and teachers to become learners together, collaborate, explore and innovate to solve problems. Our teachers make sure our child feel safe and important and reach their individual developmental milestones in the right nurturing environment.


KIIT World School at Gurgaon is a step ahead to realize our vision of creating a community of Global Citizens with Indian ethos. We aim to equip our students with global competencies by giving them world- class facilities and exposure through collaborative projects with children beyond borders, thus empowering and emboldening them to meet the challenges of the world head-on. 

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Message from Principal

Ms. Rashmi Srivastava

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

The quote by Albert Einstein is a thought provoking statement for all educators. Imagination is the gateway to all possibilities. While conceptualizing the school, we have made conscious efforts to design our curriculum in a way that encourages creativity, ingenuity, thinking freely and expressing it without any fear. Why is the dove that symbolizes peace always white? It can be pink or yellow, we don’t have to stifle a child’s imagination and feed with our preset notions always. We can let them paint the sky green, we don’t feed them with information but let them explore, innovate and create their own solutions. 

At KIIT, teachers and students are co-learners. We travel the world with them in air-balloons, live in chocolate houses, feed the bunny a carrot every morning, and learn why telling the truth always pays in the end- through our story books. We water the saplings and see them growing in our class-garden, we play in the sandpit and soil our hands, we sing folk songs and dance on jazz, we put up a market place and make great sale through our Learning Studios. Together we make learning a great fun!

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At KIIT, every child matters. Here education is a journey to kindle imagination by creating enriching learning experiences in a child friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

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