Learning Pathway



Toddlers are always ON THE MOVE, hopping from one place to other, busy exploring their environment and hence we design a safe child friendly learning zone for them where they can discover something new everyday. We help them do these:

  • Establish a clear, easy to follow routine
  • Manage emotions and behavior
  • Development of social skills
  • Learning to communicate
  • Developing Motor skills


Preschoolers love to explore the world through hands their own hands. Our classrooms provide an environment that challenges them to understand, motivates them to respond, and offers constant encouragement and appreciation. The curriculum nurtures not only the essential skills but facilitate community learning, the child learns to express and become confident.

Our well designed activities ensure the learner develops essential foundation skills

  • Pre-reading skills
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Pre-math skills
  • Fine and Gross motor coordination skills
  • Social skills, such as focusing and collaborating.


Our Nursery is designed to help the child to become a responsive learner who can communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations. The curriculum focuses on active listening, problem-solving, and language usage as well as social and collaborative skills. The experiences are designed to focus on development of following skills

  • Reading (eg- matching letters to sounds, recognition of familiar words)
  • Writing (eg- alphabets and numbers)
  • Numeracy (eg- sorting and classifying objects, counting, addition)
  • Social skills (eg- working together, showing respect, greeting everyone)
  • Physical skills with complex or combined movements (jumping rope, climbing)

Kindergarten: Explorers

Kindergarteners are curious minds; they love to experiment. Our classrooms are designed as Explorer’s labs where a child enjoys discovering the world through enquiry. Project based approach ensures child’s experiences lead to concept building with a focus on communication and collaboration and a scope for reflection. Our curriculum is planned in a way that the learner naturally develops the essential critical skills like following multi-step instructions, organizing work, managing impulses, sustaining attention and finding multiple ways to solve problems. Kindergarten focuses on:

  • Reading and writing common sight words, 3-4 letter words and blends
  • Word building 
  • Comprehending stories and informational texts
  • Writing sentences and ideas
  • Numeracy
  • Knowledge of the world
About Us

At KIIT, every child matters. Here education is a journey to kindle imagination by creating enriching learning experiences in a child friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

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