Our Approach

How we Proceed.

Our comprehensive programs provide a strong curriculum in a safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences for your child every day. The student is in the centre of the learning process. The teacher acts as the facilitator and assists the learner through the learning process.

Learning Process

Learning begins by developing curiosity in the learners about the concept

  •  Learning experiences are given so that they make discoveries independently or as members of a group.

  •  Facilitator connects the learners to the topic by explaining, discussing and helping the learners reflect on the topic. 

The concept is further consolidated by giving various written assignments, research work and worksheets.

  • The learning cycle thereby encourages various skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and research skills.

About Us

At KIIT, every child matters. Here education is a journey to kindle imagination by creating enriching learning experiences in a child friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

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